The Department of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science was established in the year 2021 with a sanctioned intake of 60 seats. Our motto is giving education to rural students. The programme focuses on Computers which have permeated into every sphere of life. The Course enables the students to prosper in analysis, designing, construction and testing of advanced software applications. All the computing resources are inter-connected with high-speed intranet connectivity to the outside world. Our students are exposed to up-to-date curriculum, technology and techniques. The Department has well-experienced and dedicated faculty members with different specializations.

The department will be driven by its commitment to excel in research, design and development of next generation cutting-edge technologies in the area of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. Our mission is to cultivate Industry-Academia partnership, drive collaborative research with other domains and equip our talents to contribute on multi-disciplinary projects by translating the developed technology into real world impacts.

The unique undergraduate program, B.Tech. Artificial Intelligence and Data Science (AI & DS), aims the students to acquire technical skills to perform data processing, analysis and visualization in multiple real-time applications. Program envisions to equip students with the ability to identify and assess societal, health, safety and cultural issues with an emphasize on identifying their consequent responsibilities as engineers of offering optimal and effective solutions for the same.