EEE Department Profile

Electrical Engineers are needed in all manufacturing units and all major companies of public and private sector. Electricity boards, large scale industries, manufacturing plants, power corporations, hydroelectricity sector are continuously in need of electrical engineers for their projects. Electrical Engineers also find job prospects in design industries, production plants, natural gas plants, petroleum as well as in steel and chemical plants.

Electrical Engineers can also get job in major players of public sector such as Indian Railways, Armed forces (Technical Branch) and also in Thermal and Nuclear power Corporation Limited.

We equip our students with the knowledge of generation, transmission and distribution of electrical power, electrical circuit design, electronics, instrumentation, control system, electrical machines, micro processors and micro controllers, understanding electrical and electronics networks. The course also covers the study of electronic devices and circuit involved in measurement, instrumentation, HVDC Transmission, DC, Machine Design, control and protection of electrical equipments and conversion system. It has House and out house projects in final year of the course.