The Department of Physics will be nationally and internationally renowned for engineering technology scholarship and education in partnership with local and global communities and industries.

  • Leading provider of knowledge of physics in all areas of life through transfer of fundamental technology.
  • Developing excellence in learning process, (both way (Teachers & Students).
  • Foster an environment that encourages professional and personal development of teachers & students through research & publications.
  • Develop and maintain long term relationship with academic and industrial world through applied learning.
  • Bring research projects and establish sophisticated laboratories, Publish research work in journals of repute.

To provide world-class engineering education in Mechanical Engineering, with sufficient scope to include the basic and specialized engineering training to meet the emerging industrial needs.


  • We generate and communicate knowledge and make important expertise available to society. This expertise is brought to use in development and innovations.
  • The activities of the faculty are carried out at deparments which provide a good environment for work and study. The departments encompass multiple research fields and guarantee a sustainable environment for research and education. All activities are charactarised by high demands on quality and renewal and the integration of education and research.
  • The Department of Physics offers an inviting, nurturing, and challenging environment, which is responsive to the intellectual, social, and cultural needs of a diverse learning community. The department`s success is reflected in the success of its alumni, who are known for their leadership, adaptability, and commitment to high professional standards. This mission is facilitated by the following actions.