Mechanical Department-Book Details
S.No Text Books Author Publications
1 Strength Of Material Andiyappan N.V.Publications
2 Fluid Mechanics & Fluid Power Andiyappan N.V.Publications
3 Renewable Energy Sources R.Soundarrajan N.V.Publications
4 Machine Drawing Saruguna Nathan N.V.Publications
5 Thermal Engineering Andiyappan N.V.Publications
6 Electrical Drives And Control R.Soundarrajan N.V.Publications
7 Manufacturing Technology-I Selvabharathi N.V.Publications
8 Design Of Machine Elements Muthaiyah N.V.Publications
9 Thermal Engineering-Ii Andiyappan N.V.Publications
10 Manufacturing Technology-Ii M.Selvabharathi N.V.Publications
11 Power Plant Engineering A.Kumaravelu SKS Publications
12 Computer Integrated Manufacturing S.P.Sitharthan & Sarguna Nathan N.V.Publications
13 Industrial Engineering Management P.R.Andiyappan N.V.Publications
14 Automobile Engineering Venkatesan & Murugen N.V.Publications
15 Manufacturing Technology-I Practical Selvabharathi N.V.Publications
16 Metrology & Measurement And Machine Tool Testing Lab V.Seralathan & A.Kumaravelu N.V.Publications
17 Computer Aided Machine Drawing Practical Saruguna Nathan N.V.Publications
18 Lathe & Special Machines Selvabharathi N.V.Publications
19 Manufacturing Technology-I Practical Selvabharathi N.V.Publications
20 Computer Integrated Manufacturing Practical Sarguna Nathan N.V.Publications
21 Automobile Engineering Labaroties Venkatesan N.V.Publications
22 Process Automation Labarotories M.Parasuram N.V.Publications
23 Project Work A.Balakumar & T.Vasantha N.V.Publications